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Home Improvements: When To DIY Or Leave It To The Pros

In today’s world, when you can look up how to do practically any project online or watch a video on YouTube, it’s tempting to want to do everything yourself, but it isn’t always the best choice. ...
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5 Ingredients In Your Credit Score

A credit score can be a confusing thing and often brings up more questions than answers for consumers. Questions like: How often does it need to be checked? What goes in to the credit score? Do I ...
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CU News Spring 2023

Here's the latest news and announcements for the members of Arizona Financial Credit Union.
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Member Benefits & Discounts

Your membership with Arizona Financial is so much more than just an account. The credit union, as a not-for-profit financial provider, returns surplus capital to members through competitive rates on ...
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Employee Award Winners - 1st Quarter 2023

Each quarter Arizona Financial recognizes three employees for their commitment to demonstrating our Core Values. Congratulations to the following team members for the first quarter of 2023.
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Mistakes First-time Home Buyers Make

Before you start looking for your first home, take a look at these common mistakes first-time homebuyers make. Not Knowing Your Housing Budget Figure out exactly how much you can afford to pay each ...
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6 Side Hustles Anyone Can Do To Earn Extra Cash

Looking for a way to make a little extra pocket money? Here are some ideas on how to earn money on the side – that don’t require any experience and can be done by practically anyone. Pet Sitting Why ...
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Your Guide To Applying For A Business Loan

If your business has reached a point where it needs an infusion of funds in order to grow, you may be in the market for a business loan. A business loan can help a struggling small business establish ...
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How To Send Money With Zelle Safely

Zelle® is a fast, safe and easy way to send and receive money with people you trust – like your babysitter, your fellow PTA mom, your son’s soccer coach, or your coworker. Whether you just enrolled ...
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