What to do if you've lost your Visa® credit or debit card

It happens to all of us - we put the card in a “safe place,” but we just can’t remember where that safe place is!

Report a Lost or Stolen Visa Credit Card

During Business Hours: Call Arizona Financial at 602-683-1000 or 1-800-523-4603

After Business Hours: Call the Visa Hotline at 1-866-599-5615

Looking to order a new Visa® card?

Whether you've misplaced or damaged your card, we can help you get a replacement card.
closeup of wallet with credit card on ground
Visit a Branch

Visit a branch during business hours to instantly be issued a new card. All you need is your valid government issued photo ID to complete the process. Find a branch nearest you.

At this time, we are unable to instantly issue replacement cards for business accounts.

Call a Representative

Contact us today at 602-683-1000 and we can help you get a new card.