Commercial Real Estate Loans

Get the money your business needs to purchase a new property, expand your existing building, or refinance existing Commercial Real Estate Loans.

From acquisition to construction, we're ready to help with financing for your Commercial Real Estate Project.

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Our experienced Commercial Loan Officers can guide you with the right loan options

When you need short- or long-term working capital to purchase new equipment, expand your business, or refinance current business debt, explore an SBA Loan.

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Ways to Use
Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans offer your business a source of funds to finance a variety of investments and encourage opportunities for growth.
Invest In Commercial Property

If you're buying commercial property for your own business, you'll have the opportunity to build equity. If you plan to lease it to tenants, you'll have the added benefit of additional income.

Build Equity

Stop leasing and become an owner! Secure the financing you need to buy your own commercial property and start building equity in your investment.

Buy & Hold

If you're looking for a low-risk investment strategy, our Commercial Real Estate Loans help you buy today and sell when the market reaches a peak, maximizing your profits.

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refi, Repeat (BRRRR)

BRRRR is a common acronym for a technique often used by buy-and-hold investors. Reuse the same money to repeat the processes and add additional properties to your portfolio.

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Real Estate Construction Loans Made Easy

With loans for acquisition and commercial interim construction, we’re ready to help with the construction costs for your next commercial real estate project.

  • Term financing available
  • Costs cover building from the ground up
  • Funds are disbursed in a series of draws instead of a single lump sum

Be Confident With A Take-Out Loan

Once your construction project has come to an end, have confidence that you'll have an affordable financing option you can count on!

Swapping your short-term interim loan for this longer-term financing option will offer you more favorable terms and additional savings.

  • Lower your loan rate
  • Create stability with a fixed monthly payment for a longer term
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Commercial Real Estate Loan Officers

From start to finish, our local experts will answer any questions, guide you through the process, and create an experience for you that is both fast and seamless. Our local team knows what to expect and how to get the job done right!

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