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How to Keep Personal Information Safe

Scams and data hackings are increasingly common – whether it is a credit bureau (Equifax in 2017), a hotel (Marriott in 2018), an online game producer (Zynga in 2019) or federal government agency ...
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Top 5 Reasons It May Be Time To Refinance Your Auto Loan

Whether you want to lower your car payment or pay less interest on your car loan – see when refinancing your auto loan may be a good idea. #1 You want a lower payment If money is a little tight, ...
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How to Become a Golf Enthusiast Without Going Broke

In Arizona, golf is a popular pastime. Our beautiful weather means you can enjoy this 18-hole game with your friends practically year round. The only catch, it takes a little more money than it would ...
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Experts Interview - State of the Arizona Housing Market

Over the last 12 months, the housing market in Arizona has been a whirlwind. Should you buy, sell, or refinance? Or does renting make the most sense? Read on for an update on the current state of the ...
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Money-Saving Tips for Financially Challenging Times

With increasing costs for so many basic necessities, 2022 has been a tough year financially. Many families are trying to “claw back” (a.k.a., recover) the purchasing power that inflation has taken ...
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Home Equity Loans - Which is Best for You?

Homeowners across America have access to a record-high of $11.5 trillion in tappable equity, according to data solutions and analytics company, Black Knight, Inc. Tappable equity is defined as the ...
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5 Ingredients In Your Credit Score

A credit score can be a confusing thing and oftentimes brings up more questions than answers for consumers. Questions like: How often does it need to be checked? What goes in to the credit score? Do ...
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Do's And Don’ts To Protect Yourself From Scams

With scams on the rise and countless scams out there – like check scams, job scams, loan scams and romance scams, here are some dos and don’ts to help you protect your accounts and information from ...
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Parents' Guide to Kids & Money

As parents, we strive to teach our kids things like good manners, social skills, how to cook – life skills that will help them grow into independent, young adults. But, according to a 2017 T. Rowe ...
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