What you need to
Skip a Payment

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Free up some cash anytime of year!

  1. Log In

    Sign in to your account using online banking or the mobile app. 

  2. Check Eligibility

    To see if you’re eligible:

    • Online Banking – click on "Additional Services" and then select "Skip A Payment"

    • Mobile App – click "Skip A Payment" under the menu (Android) or "More" (Apple)
  3. If You're Eligible

    If you’re eligible, complete the form to process your request.

    You may be able to skip your loan or credit card payment one time every 12 months.


Things to consider when
Skipping a Payment

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  • Credit cards and loans like vehicle loans, personal loans (closed-end loans) are eligible for the program.
  • Interest continues to accrue during the skipped payment.
  • Skipping a payment may extend the term of your loan.
  • Eligible credit cards and loans are typically limited to one skipped payment every 12 months, anytime of year.
  • Not all loans and members will qualify.

Log in to online banking or our mobile app to see if you’re eligible 

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