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Unexpected Emergency: Wills & Managing Money Issues

Imagine this; you wake up one morning to realize your entire life has changed. Your spouse, who you love so deeply, is no longer by your side. Your mind is racing a million miles an hour, and all you ...
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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Considering Life Insurance

Many Americans are still not sure if they need life insurance or who does. Though 59% of respondents to a survey by Value Penguin consider themselves very familiar with the purpose of life insurance, ...
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Ways to Protect Your Information Online

When it comes to keeping your information secure online, sometimes it’s a choice between convenience and security. While we know better – most of us (80%) reuse the same password across multiple ...
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The 6 Greatest Credit Myths

Credit is a powerful tool. Powerful tools can be dangerous if not used properly. Understanding credit is key to using credit wisely.  Here are six of the most common credit myths and the real truths ...
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Tapping Into Your Home’s Equity: Top 4 Uses Of Home Equity

With the rise in home values, borrowing against your home’s equity can give you the flexibility to access funds when you need them for a large expense – like a home remodeling project, wedding or ...
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5 Ingredients In Your Credit Score

A credit score can be a confusing thing and oftentimes brings up more questions than answers for consumers. Questions like: How often does it need to be checked? What goes in to the credit score? Do ...
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How To Send Money With Zelle Safely

Zelle® is a fast, safe and easy way to send and receive money with people you trust – like your babysitter, your fellow PTA mom, your son’s soccer coach, or your coworker. Whether you just enrolled ...
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4 Ways To Trim Your Fixed Expenses

While most people trying to trim their monthly budget tend to think there’s no way to lower fixed expenses – like mortgage payments, insurance premiums and subscription payments – with a bit of ...
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5 Resources To Build Financial Literacy

According to most definitions, the term financial literacy refers to understanding how to effectively manage household finances, handle debt, create a budget, and build savings. Working toward ...
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