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Money-Saving Tips for Financially Challenging Times

With increasing costs for so many basic necessities, 2022 has been a tough year financially. Many families are trying to “claw back” (a.k.a., recover) the purchasing power that inflation has taken ...
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Parents' Guide to Kids & Money

As parents, we strive to teach our kids things like good manners, social skills, how to cook – life skills that will help them grow into independent, young adults. But, according to a 2017 T. Rowe ...
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'Bougie on a Budget' – Tips to Looking Bougie Without the Big Price Tag

“Bougie” (pronounced boo-gee): anything that is perceived to be upscale; to aspire to be a higher class than one is. It used to be called keeping up with the Joneses.  Then it became keeping up with ...
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What To Know About Buy Now, Pay Later Payment Plans

If you’ve shopped online lately, you’ve probably noticed a lot of stores now have an option that lets you “buy now and pay later,” splitting the price of your purchase into smaller payments. These ...
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4 Ways To Trim Your Fixed Expenses

While most people trying to trim their monthly budget tend to think there’s no way to lower fixed expenses – like mortgage payments, insurance premiums and subscription payments – with a bit of ...
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Are Extended Warranties Worth The Cost? It Depends

Almost every time someone buys a large appliance, computer, cell phone, big screen television, new or used car, or exercise equipment – when checking out you’re asked, “Would you like to buy an ...
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When Financial Resolutions Crumble, Switch To Habits

Financial resolutions are the most popular of the ever-popular New Year’s resolutions. Anything else that had the failure rate of New Year’s resolutions would have become history long ago. But all ...
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8 Year-End Financial Tips

Here are a few tips that could help you finish out the year with more cash in your pocket and help you stay focused on your financial goals going into the new year. Make a holiday budget – and stick ...
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The Ultimate Guide To Saving During The Holidays

The holidays themselves are an ultimate Catch-22; you’ve never been invited to more events, parties and get-togethers, but you’ve also never been more conscious of how little cash you have to spend ...
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