The CardPower app lets you remotely manage all aspects of your Visa® cards, like turning them off/on and blocking where and how they can be used.

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Available for Android and Apple devices.

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Turn cards off and on.

Lost or misplaced your card? Not a problem.

Protect your money with CardPower’s on/off switch. Block or unblock your cards with a single touch, until you can contact us for a new card.

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Limit card use to where you are.

Keep your card active only when it’s in the same area as you. Simply define a region on a map or require your card and smartphone to be within the same vicinity.

If a fraudster tries to use your card outside the specified region or when your phone isn’t nearby, transactions will be blocked.

cardpower screen shoing lcation control
Allow (or block) transactions by merchant category.

Keep your shopping addiction at bay by disabling specific merchant categories, including grocers, retail stores, gas stations, entertainment, travel, restaurants, personal care, household and more!

cardpower screen showing merchants control
Set transaction spending limits.

Deter yourself from spending too much, or limit the amount fraudsters can get access to if your card is lost or stolen, by setting spend limits. Use the threshold feature to limit transaction amounts and keep yourself within budget and on track.

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Caution: It's not called CardPower for nothing!

The controls and settings in CardPower are designed to prevent others from using your card without your authorization.

That same power could prevent you from using your card if you're not careful!

We recommend you start by turning on alerts, so you'll know immediately whenever your card is used – and where, and for how much. Then, one at a time, try setting the other controls and preferences until you find what works best for you.

And if your card ever doesn't work when you think it should, turn off all controls and try again!

CardPower Privacy Policy

The CardPower app collects location data to enable location-based card controls even when the app is closed or not in use. For location controls to work you must allow the app to access your device's location. You do not have to share your device's location for other app features to work. Location controls for the app can be managed on your device settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

All transactions will be declined.

Yes, recurring transactions that have already been set prior to turning the card off will continue to go through.

For Apple users, press the icon that has three stacked lines to reach the menu.

For Android users, here are most common methods depending on your device:

  • Press the dedicated menu button on your phone. This will pull up the CardPower app menu while you’re logged in to the app.
  • Press the icon that has three stacked dots or stacked lines to reach the menu.
  • For devices that don't have either option above, hold down the recent apps button (lower left corner, next to the home screen). This will open the menu.

In some cases the merchant may process all of their card transactions in a central processing center, which could be in a different city, state and/or ZIP code.

Since the city, state and/or ZIP code shows a location outside the area where your phone is located, it will decline when the My Location Control Preference is on.

This is common with purchases made at vending machines or kiosks where the central processing is often performed in a different location than where the terminal is physically located.

If you click on the transaction summary in CardPower, the city and state where the processing is taking place is located under the merchant's name.

CardPower allows you to control your card and set rules for where it cannot be used.

Even if a transaction is consistent with the usage policies that you have set, it may be declined for other reasons (e.g., suspected fraud, insufficient funds).

A transaction that fails your control rules will be declined, but a transaction that passes your control rules is still not always guaranteed to be approved.

Our fraud monitoring service stopped the transaction from posting on the account when it detected the transaction may have been fraudulent.

Since the transaction did not carry all the way through to our processing system, it did not trigger a CardPower alert.

This error means CardPower could not connect to the CardPower server that communicates with Arizona Financial.

Tap on the bar again – sometimes the server is unreachable when your network connection is weak or intermittent, and retrying the connection by tapping on the “Server Unreachable” message connects the application to the server.

If the problem continues, you may have to stop the application and restart it.

If the server is down for maintenance, the problem may persist and you may have to try again later.

If this consistently occurs during regular business hours, please contact Arizona Financial at (602) 683-1768.

There are times when the card network is unable to connect to our processing system due to connectivity issues, transactional volume, or maintenance periods.

This is not frequent, but happens from time to time. When this occurs, control preferences will not work and purchases may be approved.

If these are unauthorized transactions, please remember that you have Zero Liability Coverage on any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions on your account.

Please report any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions by filling out a fraud dispute form located under Additional Services within online banking.

You are responsible for any legitimate purchases made during these times. It is a good practice to avoid “testing” the capabilities of the app because you are responsible for any legitimate purchases.