Discover the Arizona Financial Difference as Your Trusted Credit Union

Jun 28, 2024

Many people assume that credit unions and banks are essentially the same. After all, they both offer financial products and services, so what sets them apart? As it turns out, they're quite different. 


While both provide services like checking accounts, loans, and credit cards, as well as accounts and services for small businesses, there are fundamental differences in how credit unions and banks operate, their goals, and how they view their account holders. Here are the key distinctions that set credit unions apart.


In a credit union, ownership is a fundamental principle. Members are also owners of the cooperative, which is why they're often referred to as member/owners. They have the power to vote for the Board of Directors, who are fellow member/owners volunteering their time to oversee the credit union. This democratic member control is a cornerstone of the cooperative model.


Unlike for-profit banks, credit unions are not driven by maximizing profits. They operate as not-for-profit organizations with the primary goal of assisting their members in achieving financial success. 

For instance, Arizona Financial offers financial coaching to help members understand their credit, create spending plans, and work toward their life goals, such as purchasing a home or planning for retirement.

Excess capital

In traditional banking, excess capital often translates into dividends for shareholders. However, credit unions don't have shareholders; they have member/owners. Excess capital in a credit union can be utilized in several ways: offering members lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and lower/fewer fees; adding new services, branches or ATMs; and returning it to their member/owners through patronage payments.

A valued member

As a typical banking customer, you may receive standard service, but it might lack the personal touch. At Arizona Financial, you're not just a number. As a member, you receive personalized attention from our dedicated staff who are committed to understanding your financial needs and goals.

Lower fees & better rates

Bank customers often face higher fees and may not have access to the same competitive rates as credit union members. As a member you’ll benefit from lower fees on transactions and competitive interest rates on loans and savings accounts.

Community involvement & support

Arizona Financial is deeply rooted in the community, and as a member, you're part of that. For example, every time a member uses their Local Causes debit card, Arizona Financial makes a donation to help support local nonprofits in the community.

Exclusive benefits and rewards

While you might receive some benefits at other big-name banks, they're often not as extensive or tailored to your needs as those offered to members.

With us, you gain access to exclusive member-only benefits, such as discounts on financial products and services, identity theft protection services, budgeting and money management tools, and cash back debit card offers, to name a few.

Why choose us?

Becoming a member of Arizona Financial isn't just about banking; it's about joining a community and gaining access to a range of benefits and services tailored to your needs.

Whether you're looking for personalized service, better rates, or a way to give back to your community, membership offers distinct advantages over traditional customer status. Plus, you become an integral part of an institution that values your input and participation.

Ready to become a member?

Join Arizona Financial today and experience the difference membership can make in your financial journey. With us, you're not just a customer; you're a valued member of our community.

From personalized service to community involvement, the advantages of membership extend far beyond traditional banking relationships. So why settle for being just a customer when you can become a valued member of Arizona Financial?

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