What's So Special About the 2016 Models?

Mar 04, 2016

There’s nothing like opening the door of a new car and inhaling the unique, clean scent that screams, “I’m brand new!” Aside from this, new technology is introduced in cars every year, as car manufacturers try to out-upgrade the competition. Here are the new features you should look for in the 2016 cars just hitting the lots.

Upgraded technology and dashboard computers.
Let’s face it, car companies aren’t the best at understanding how we use technology. Drivers with in-dash computer systems have struggled for years with a plethora of buttons and navigating a computer system that wasn’t logical to the average person.

If you’re looking to upgrade your car in the coming years, you can revel in the fact that carmakers are no longer trying to be technology companies. Instead, they are finally partnering with the most prominent (and popular) mobile technology companies to create a seamless transition from your mobile device to your in-car computer.

You may remember us talking about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in earlier issues. At the time, the technology was still rumored and there was no release date. Well, they are officially here. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be debuting on some of the new 2016 model cars this year. Contact one of our car buying experts to set up a test drive with this new technology.

Everything is getting bigger.
Everyone is jockeying for more leg room – especially if you get stuck in the back seat a lot – and car manufacturers are listening. It seems like there’s at least one model in every car class that’s been upgraded in size. Most of these upgrades aim to solve this problem of who has to sit in the back seat. With these new changes, you’ll be fighting over who has to sit in the front seat.

Completely redesigned body style.
Several years ago, we saw the rise of the boxy, muscle-car-esque vehicle body. From trucks to sedans, coupes to real sports cars, everyone was beefing up their look and style. In 2015, we saw a lot of cars take a turn back toward sleek, clean lines and rounded edges reminiscent of a cool rocket ship. This new model year is no different, with many more automakers continuing this trend. Just take a look at the 2016 Mustang – whose body style is more like the 1990s version of the car.

Enhanced safety tech meets lower-end pricing.
This year you’ll see the emergence of higher-end safety technology as an option on more mainstream vehicles. Previously, technologies such as lane departure warnings, breaking assistance and collision detection were only available in luxury car models.

Many family cars will offer these as upgrade options on their 2016 vehicles. Toyota is going furthest by offering the additional safety packages in all of its vehicles by the end of 2016, with package prices starting at $300.

Whether tech, style or safety gets you revving for a new vehicle – automakers are listening and making some major changes.