Roadside Assistance For Less

Mar 23, 2016

You’re driving down the road and the unthinkable happens. Your car starts screaming in protest, the temperature gauge flashes to the maximum, or you hear the thump-thump-thump of a flat tire. You manage to navigate your vehicle to the side of the road and safely stop out of the way of traffic, but you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s summer-in-Phoenix hot and there’s no gas station in sight.

At this point, roadside assistance would come in handy, but maybe you couldn’t fit the cost of AAA or Michelin OnCall in your spending plan this year. The good news? There are options.

Many insurance companies, from State Farm to Allstate, Geico to Nationwide, offer comparable roadside assistance coverage that you can add on to your auto insurance policy. The cost is added to your policy cost and is often pennies on the dollar when compared to the well-known roadside assistance companies.

What each roadside policy covers can differ from company to company – so do your research! If you drive outside the city limits a lot, you might need farther towing allowances. Someone with an older car should consider adding additional service calls to their plan. Ready to add roadside assistance to your policy? Contact your insurance agent today to see what they offer!

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