Easy Updates That Upgrade Your Car

Jul 13, 2016

Whether you’ve purchased a used car, or the car you currently own no longer looks or acts like the new car you’ve been dreaming of, there are simple upgrades you can do to make your car feel like new again. Here they are:

  1. Add a new stereo system. You can add popular features like Bluetooth and iPod connectivity to your vehicle by purchasing a new stereo receiver for around $100. If you know how to install the system – that’s even better because you’ll save on the labor costs. Either way, you’ll be making hands-free calls and playing music from your phone within hours.
  2. Create a new line of vision. Putting a back-up camera in your car is fairly easy, and a good option for drivers who like to back in to parking spots or have a steep driveway. A basic camera will cost you $80, and you’ll pay around $200 for a stereo receiver that can connect to the camera (and Bluetooth!). But adding the camera is not only useful to you, this soon-to-be-standard technology will help lure in buyers when you want to sell your car.
  3. It’s all in the details … literally. Getting your car detailed can feel like a breath of fresh air. Most detail packages will remove all the dust and grime that’s built up on your cabin surfaces, and remove the smells and stains from your carpets and upholstery. This clean is great to splurge on every year or two to keep your car feeling fresh and new.
  4. Make the road feel smooth. Or, at least make your ride more smooth by having your shocks/strucks inspected. If they’ve worn down, your ride can be bumpy, noisy and your car harder to control. Another option to consider is adding Dynamat foam inside your car panels. This high density foam absorbs the sounds and prevents rattling, creating a quieter ride. I’m not saying it’ll feel like a brand-new luxury vehicle, but your ears will enjoy the break from road noise.
  5. Get a grip with better tires. A good pair of tires that aren’t worn down will feel smoother to drive and handle better in tough conditions. Having the tires, however, is not good enough. Experts recommend inspecting the tire-pressure monthly and inflating them to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI. Additionally, keep an eye on your tread. Tires that are rotated regularly, properly balanced and perfectly aligned will last longer.

Updating your car doesn’t always mean trading it in for a new one. Ask yourself if any of these upgrades will make you want to keep your car longer – so you can save for a bigger down payment or build your credit to get a better loan.