When life happens, our overdraft options can help save you time, expense and the embarrassment of having your purchases denied due to insufficient funds.

Explore Overdaft Protection Options

Overdraft from Savings

Automatically transfer available funds from a linked savings account to cover transactions that would overdraw your checking account. There’s no fee for this service.

Overdraft from Line of Credit or Visa® Platinum

Link your checking account to an approved line of credit or Visa Platinum credit card to cover insufficient funds. Interest charges may apply.

Overdraft Privilege for Checks & ACH

If your account is overdrawn due to a check or automatic withdrawal (ACH), we may at our discretion, overdraw your checking account. This service is available on all eligible checking accounts. Fees may apply. Learn More

Overdraft Privilege for Debit Cards

As an added layer of protection, you may choose to have us cover your everyday debit card transactions when sufficient funds are not available. You must opt-in for this service. Fees may apply. Learn More

For more information or to sign up for one of our Overdraft Protection options, stop by one of our branch locations or give us a call at (602) 683-1000.