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What You Need to Know: Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Don't let your 401(k) hog the spotlight. Here's what you need to know about Individual Retirement Accounts.
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Minimalism: Can Living a Life of Less Bring You a Life of More?

How freeing up your life from material possessions can help you do more of the things you love.
minimal home design with coffee table and  gray modern chair

What's it Like to Live the Minimalist Lifestyle for a Week?

We asked for two volunteers to live the minimalist lifestyle for a week and then report back what it was like. They discovered that while preparing for the lifestyle change can be overwhelming at times, ultimately in the end they learned that they just had too much stuff and it felt good to purge some of it. Read their personal experiences below.

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Budget-Friendly Fitness – Ways to Trim Your Waist Not Your Wallet

For most of us, there are usually two factors that keep us from going to the gym – time and money.

Don't Test Your Luck - Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Taking risks on high stakes items can leave you susceptible to unnecessary stress, lost money and valuable time wasted
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Ball Games on a Budget

Attending a live sporting event doesn’t come cheap. Tickets, transportation, refreshments, souvenirs – being a fan has its costs. However, with some diligence and savviness, you can make it to the game without breaking the bank.
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Why Are Textbooks So Expensive?

Rise and shine – it’s about that time! The beginning of a brand new school year is ahead of you.

√ Pencils
√ Paper
√ Backpack
√ Calculator

There’s nothing like being fully prepared to be at your absolute best for what the school year is going to throw your way. While those four items listed above are definitely on the list of essentials, one major item is missing from the list: Textbooks!

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How To: Back to School for Less

Summer’s over, vacations are done and all our children are heading back to school. This can be an expensive time for parents. We all see it at the stores: parents buying their children new cloths, new backpacks and new school supplies. The list goes on and on. As financially empowered consumers, we should do our best to save money and get our children back to school on a budget. Here are some ideas on how to achieve just that.