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Real Life Budgets: Attending Phoenix Comicon

With the rise of popularity in comic books, video games and everything once thought to be nerdy, comic book conventions have become an event that many people like to attend. More commonly referred to as Comic Con, Comicon or just Con, these fan based conventions are held around the world. Don’t let the name fool you, though. These shows are for more than just comics: they include all things pop culture. We have several cons hosted around the Valley.


Don't Test Your Luck - Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Taking risks on high stakes items can leave you susceptible to unnecessary stress, lost money and valuable time wasted
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Millennial Money Matters

You hear a lot about millennials these days in the news. They’re quickly overtaking baby boomers as the largest living generation, and are the focus of most marketers and recruiters. Also known as Gen Y or the demand generation, young adults in this category tend to catch a lot of flak as being “entitled” and all-around bad with money.

But they’ve also grown up since the first studies about them came out. This means they’ve learned some hard lessons and have changed some of their habits. So what is this generation doing right and where do they still have room to grow?

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How to set up a Spending Plan

Budget. A nasty six-letter word that most of us conveniently leave out of our vocabulary. We’ve created this video to help you get started with your spending plan (a.k.a. budget).