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How to Unlock Your Home's Value – Top Reasons for Using Home Equity

With the increase in home values over the last few years, homeowners who want to get cash out of their homes – but don’t want to move or refinance their existing mortgage – can access the value in ...
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5 Ingredients In Your Credit Score

A credit score can be a confusing thing and often brings up more questions than answers for consumers. Questions like: How often does it need to be checked? What goes in to the credit score? Do I ...
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Student Loan Consolidation: 7 Things You Need to Know

With student loan debt in the U.S. at $1.6 trillion dollars and the average student owing more than $37,000 by the time they leave school (many with multiple loans), it’s important to know the ...
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Tapping Into Your Home’s Equity: Top 4 Uses Of Home Equity

With the rise in home values, borrowing against your home’s equity can give you the flexibility to access funds when you need them for a large expense – like a home remodeling project, wedding or ...
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Women And Credit: Here’s How To Get On Solid Ground

For many years, research has shown that women in the U.S. are approved for less than men when they apply for credit products and are more likely to be denied outright. Perhaps because of this, women ...
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How To Build Up Your Credit from Scratch

So, you’ve never had a credit card or loan, and you’re trying to build a credit history from scratch. Building up your credit history from the bottom up can be a tricky business. You won’t qualify ...
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The Dos and Don’ts of Credit Repair

Looking for ways to improve an unfavorable credit score? Look no further! Our handy guide will help you get on the road to improving your score. Don't Expect quick fixes. There is no “quick fix” for ...
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Snowball vs. Avalanche: What’s the Best Way to Tackle Debt?

Getting rid of debt isn’t easy, but if you’re ready to do what it takes, you can shake off any amount of debt. Two popular approaches for paying down debt are the Snowball Method and the Avalanche ...
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Home Buying: The 20% Down Myth

If you’re saving for a home of your own, you likely think you'll need to save up until you have 20% of your dream home’s total value for the down payment. But the fact is you don’t need to put down ...
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