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Be Alert for Stimulus Check Scams

With the recent news that the U.S. government will begin sending another round of Economic Impact Payments (stimulus checks) to help Americans as the result of coronavirus pandemic, the Better ...
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5 Money Mistakes You May Be Teaching Your Kids (And How to Stop)

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “Money makes the world go around.” “Money can’t buy happiness.” “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Let’s be real. As parents, we may be able to rattle off wise words ...
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5 Steps to Take After Being Hacked

If you've been hacked, finding out someone has cracked open your accounts and helped themselves to your information can be alarming! But there are ways to reduce the damage while jump-starting your ...
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Give Children and Grandchildren the Gift of a Lifetime

As soon as the countdown to the holiday gift-giving season begins, so does the quest to find the perfect gift for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew. You can go for the everybody-has-to-have-it ...
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Financial Resources Available For Veterans

We owe the strength and security of our country to our heroic veterans. These brave men and women sacrifice the comforts of home, time with family and often their physical well-being to protect us. ...
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The Basics of Getting Financially Fit

Like physical fitness, you can beef up your financial fitness muscles a little bit each day. The Financial Health Network defines four basic components of financial health – Spend, Save, Borrow and ...
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All You Need To Know About P2P Payment Apps

These days there are so many ways to pay besides cash or card – you can Google your money to your friend, Venmo it or PayPal an online vendor. Peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer services make it ...
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Teaching Kids Good Money Habits

Handling money is a skill that must be taught – and giving your children the knowledge and help to develop good money habits is a life lesson that they will carry with them throughout their adult ...
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6 Rules For Safe Curbside Pickup

With the coronavirus pandemic, many stores and restaurants now offer online ordering and curbside pickup. But before heading out to pick up an order – here are a few tips for safe curbside pickup. ...
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