Arizona Federal Credit Union is now Arizona Financial Credit Union.

We’re excited to announce our new name: Arizona Financial Credit Union!

> New charter – in April members voted to approve our charter change from a federally-chartered to a state-chartered credit union.

> New name – with this change, we were required to remove “federal” from our name – and “financial” made perfect sense.

> There’s no impact to your accounts – credit cards, debit cards, checks, automatic deposits/withdrawals and direct deposit will work as usual.

> There’s nothing you need to do – Same great service, same friendly people, same locations, just a new name.


Frequently Asked Questions

In April members voted to approve our charter change from a federally-chartered to a state-chartered credit union.

With this change, we were required to remove the word “federal” from our name. Substituting “financial” for “federal” seemed to make the most sense.

Plus, the word “financial” is much more descriptive of what we do – provide consumer and small business banking services to more than 145,000 members. The word “federal” often caused confusion in the marketplace.

Our federal charter limited us to serving only those who live, work, worship or attend school in Maricopa or Pinal counties and the City of Tucson.

The new state charter allows us to expand and diversify our field of membership to serve persons and businesses across Arizona – resulting in more opportunities for growth.

Growth and increased participation in the credit union creates greater value for all current members by providing additional revenue and increased economies of scale to continue investments in new products and services, including enhanced online services.

There are no immediate changes for you or to your accounts due to the name change and charter change. Longer term, we anticipate continued investments in both high-tech and high-touch banking options (e.g., online/mobile services, new branch locations).

Our name officially changed to Arizona Financial Credit Union on July 1, 2022.

Yes! Your debit cards, credit cards and checks will still work as normal. In the coming months we will reissue debit and credit cards with the new name, but there is nothing for you to do to prepare for this change.

You can continue to use your checks with the Arizona Federal name until you run out. When you need to reorder checks, they will reflect the new name.


There’s no impact to these services; they will continue to work like before.

On July 1 (or soon after), you’ll see our new name reflected on our website and mobile banking apps. Our web address has changed to; however, any traffic to will be re-directed to our new web address.

There are NO CHANGES to your online banking and mobile app login credentials (e.g., passwords, usernames). Log in to your accounts just like before.


As you can imagine, updating our branch and ATM signage is a big undertaking – which has been made even more challenging by recent supply chain issues. Initially we have covered old signs with temporary banners to reflect our new name. In the coming months, we will update all of our locations and ATMs with new signs.

Yes, as the venue sponsor, the theatre will be renamed Arizona Financial Theatre. We are working with Live Nation, the venue’s operator, to make these changes. We expect this to be completed by this fall.

You may wish to update the payee’s name to “Arizona Financial Credit Union,” but we will continue to accept payments made payable to Arizona Federal. If there are any changes, we will notify you well in advance.

Yes. There is no change to deposit insurance. Your deposits remain federally insured up to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.